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Escape From His Past


Will Sayre – Successful International businessman, enjoys sports with his friends but is the only bachelor in the group, he envies their lives and wishes he had found the right girl to settle down with, very like-able person even to kids, impressed by a single mom’s daughter –  tall, athletic, not overly muscular but in good shape, short dark brown hair, very well dressed all the time, even when casual.

Renee Woodson – Single mom, mother to Rebecca, hasn’t made the best choices in relationships, widowed before daughter was born, tries to work two jobs but is always late for everything – about 5′-4″, wavy brown hair with blonde highlights, in good shape, dresses very nice though not conservative.

Rebecca Woodson – 6 year old daughter of Renee, very smart, perfect daughter, a favorite student in her 1st grade class, loves animals, knows all of the states, capitals, and many countries, independent – long straight blonde hair.

Kim Demund – Will’s sister, Rebecca’s 1st grade teacher, mother to Nicole, has compassion for Renee and wishes she could help, wants her brother to settle down – long straight dark brown hair, in good shape, dresses very nice and conservative though not expensive.

Nicole Demund – Kim’s 6 year old daughter and best friend to Rebecca, also in her mom’s 1st grade class, also loves animals – long straight dark brown hair (clone of her mom).

Doug Demund – husband of Kim, father of Nicole, admires his brother-in-laws lifestyle and interested in his travel adventures, very attentive to his family who obviously love him – tall, short brown hair, maybe a little pudgy in the middle (needs to work out).

Patrick Wilson – Will’s best friend, good basketball player, teases Will about his lack of basketball skills and unhealthy eating habits – 6′-2″, athletic but not overly muscular, short brown hair, dresses casual most of the time.

Rick’s Inspiration

My wife enjoys good, romantic stories, especially ones that make her laugh, and although romance novels are not my forte, I decided to write something romantic and funny that she would enjoy.  I picked out various parts of our own lives that we find humorous and are common areas for arguments in many relationships, then tried to develop a story around a couple that’s similar to each of us in certain ways.

I enjoy stories that have young children, where we get to see them at their best, so I added a daughter to the relationship.  Although her character was added later, she’s my favorite one in the story.  I naturally wanted to show the man as the sensible one and the woman as the irrational one who does not make sense, but to be fair to my wife, I tried my best to accurately show the woman’s point of view (even though I don’t understand it much of the time).

In many relationships, friends and family often provide input to help couples get through difficulties, so I had to include some of that as well for each character.  In addition to the bad advice the main characters get, I also have a key person who provides good advice to each of them by the end of the book, but the question is whether it’s too late for the couple to put it to use and work things out.